Manifest what you Love

Loverope is a customizable bracelet. Made with 100% Love.

The Story

Hi I'm Chris!
Glad you're stopping by.

I created Loverope so that everybody can carry with him/herself a reminder of something they truly love. We all share a quest on this planet of finding our story.

And we become part of someone else’s story by how we treat them. Loverope shall be a reminder of that. A reminder of unity, mutual respect and Love.

More about the Loverope story

The Disc

16mm (5/8") diameter
Made of 100% stainless steel
Our logo engraved on the back

Front is fully customizable

The Rope

30cm / 12” length (can be shortened by you).
Vegan leather cord that can endure almost anything.
It's the best excuse to never take it off.

The best about it: You have a life-long guarantee on it.

The Tools

A hammer, a typeholder and lots of Love.



Stamped with my dad's old hammer. Gotta love your tools, too.


Free Shipping

Free shipping to any address on this beautiful planet.



Make it yours. Engrave anything on it that's important to you.


Lifetime Guarantee

If your bracelet should ever rip, you'll get a new one. Just like that.


Made with Love

But we are only human. If something should not be alright - just write us.


Made in Bali

We make and ship your Loverope from beautiful Bali. 2-3 weeks shipping time.

Create your own

Whatever you love, we stamp it on your bracelet.


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